over (and you know it)

the artworld is a world of cognitive templates whose nebulizing function creates a cultural fog of conceptual conflation and practical impotence.
please loop forever: und kritische Kunst und interessante Perspektiven und politisches Potential und Kritikalität und alternative Welten und marktreflexive Gesten und neue Projekte und spannende Analysen und
But this is a world in which the financial closure of capitalism is cloned and grafted onto a cognitively maimed economy that accumulates false alternatives in the name of liberation of imagination and action—no different from the endlessly proliferating lifestyle options that capitalism offers us.
vier veranstaltungen !! viermal elend, ende, exit der kunstwelt !! viermal over and you know it !!

teil vier: grand finale!
samstag 5.dezember, 20h

join us tomorrow evening for the Grand Finale of over (and you know it)! wir haben drei texte von helmut draxler zum verhältnis von kritik und kunst gelesen und wollen euch gerne unsere erkenntnisse mitteilen. keywords: politische kunst; autonomie; phantasma; aktivismus; kritik; next


teil drei: ein abend mit muss sterben magazin
mittwoch 2.dezember, 20h

"We clean our office together every Monday morning after the team meeting, dividing tasks and putting on music (sometimes) for around 30 minutes. It’s important to feel we are collectively responsible by cleaning the space and our computer desktops together. Zürich muss sterben."
"I was elevatoring down to my room around dinnertime, and I saw the Kanton of Zurich had implemented mandatory anti-smoking plaques on the walls in the hallway ouside the doors saying words to the effect that smoking causes cancer in unborn children - or words equally overkill and medical. the plaques were bronze and really quite beautifully made, but, I mean, even back when people smoked, they still never smoked in elevators. Zurich muss sterben."
der neue sub banger von den producers of "münchen muss sterben" und "garten muss sterben".
bald im print spin off. schon morgen live in der brilliantly coherent, polychromatic, heavy killer dubbed preview.
45 seiten gequatsche vom allerfeinsten mit bestem bildmaterial zum guten preis. check it out and save the date.
#itstomorrow! #no surrender!


teil zwei: ~ Reintegrating the Abject ~ mit sarah m. harrison
mittwoch 25.november, 20h

“Sometimes I just stare at a blank white wall, just look at it for long enough that eventually I start to see things. Not on the wall, but inside my head. Like after a while, I begin to be able to think.”

Whatever it was that she was trying to tell him from the kitchen was being drowned out by the sounds of construction out on the street, metal scraping concrete, jackhammers striking hot against stone, the crunching and creaking of his LaCie hard drive, the sound of gigabytes being chewed, devoured.

He leans right in, nose to the screen. Calls back through the sliding door, into the kitchen.

“You know, maybe there isn’t a concept of organisation that is somehow closed with clear delimitations which is an unrealistic concept I think but it necessitate or it spurs continually the creation of an abject, something other that you set outside yourself to constitute yourself. It isn't an harmonious process but relies on... I mean, I think you need to reintegrate the parts and take back schisms in this dissensual process… to reintegrate the abject. Yeah I think that you need a different concept of, um, organisation that is premised on a… um. That has at its core a dissensus where differences sort of talk to each other and don’t schism anymore."

An audio-visual performance about depression, endings and reintegrating the abject.


teil eins: intro performing lecture mit RSTR# staff (this time philipp messner & sebastian stein)
mittwoch 18.november, 20h

wir werden u.a. einen blick auf einige rezente analysen und kritiken an der kunstwelt werfen, so z.b. auf Isabell Graws Der große Preis, Suhail Maliks On The Necessity of Art's Exit from Contemporary Art und Reza Negarestanis The Human Centipede. dazu gibt es musik und getränke

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teil eins: intro performing lecture mit RSTR# staff
mittwoch 18.november, 20h

teil zwei: ~ Reintegrating the Abject ~ mit sarah m. harrison
mittwoch 25.november, 20h

teil drei: ein abend mit muss sterben magazin
mittwoch 2.dezember, 20h

teil vier: grand finale
samstag 5.dezember, 20h

im RSTR#, milchstraße 4

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