In the work of Martijn Hendriks (Eindhoven, 1973), an interest in abstraction, process and
materiality comes together with a performative approach to the art work. In his most recent
sculptures, videos and installations, mundane and often found materials are taken as the sources for
a practice that reconsider the language of abstraction. By openly reconfiguring abstract elements
and a range of materials into ever-evolving arrangements that often involve both material reduction
and a wild expansion into multiple possible meanings, his work investigates the conditions under
which visual language can be broken down into forms and compositions that defer exact
explanation in favor of a more direct engagement with the work's subject matter and materiality.
The exhibition All That is Solid presents a new installation with a video based on found footage of
one of Bruce Nauman’s early studio performances.
Martijn Hendriks's work has been exhibited among other venues at the New Museum in New York
City, the Museum of Modern Art in Rome and Nimk, Amsterdam, and was included in the 53rd

Venice Biennale's collateral events. In 2008 Hendriks received the International Kraft Prize for New
Media awarded by Washington Project for the Arts and The Phillips Collection. He currently lives
and works in Amsterdam.