Marco Fedele di Catrano was born in Rome in 1976 where he currently lives and works. In the mid-Nineties he started working as
freelance photographer for artists, museums and magazines, coming in contact and collaborating with personalities of the art world
such as Kounellis, Robert Wilson, Friedl Kubelka and Fabrice Hyberth among others. During his prolonged stays in New York,
where he worked for Magnum and then in Vienna, where he worked with sculptors Jimmie Durham and Franz West, he developed
his interest in three-dimensional surfaces.
From photography, as a privileged moment to approach and then re-contextualize the photographed object, his interest shifted
towards video, often intended as re-projection, and towards installations, trying to work on the exhibition space in its whole and its
contradictions. In his installation work, where he uses mediums spanning from photography and videos to a remodelling of the
architectural space, the focus of his research consists of a reformulation of the spacetime canons and in a reconsideration of the idea
of boundaries, whether linked to space, time, architecture or nature.


Solo shows (selection):



So Far So West, Standard-deluxe, Losanne


Perpetuum Mobile, Gallery NextDoor, Rome

North South Ovest East,  Berlin



Collective shows (selection):



 C’era una volta un futuro, San Lorenzo, Rome

The destroyed room, Tilburg

Take the space, Palazzo della Vicaria, Trapani


Senza Rete, Complesso Monumentale di Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome

Politiche.Thinking through art, Spazio 26cc, Rome


La Casa Oltre, Ex Scuderie del Palazzo Farnese, Caprarola, Viterbo

Beware Of The Wolf, Accademia Americana, Rome



Optica Video Festival, Gijon, Spain

Le Jeu de l´hombre, Museo Napoleonico, Rome

Spazi incorretti, Fondazione Cerere, Rome